Expert Witness & Due Diligence

Expert Witness Services

Cole Media provides confidential litigation and due diligence support in the U.S. and internationally for law firms, private equity firms, and other organizations.

Sample assignments

  • How has the growth in on demand content and OTT services impacted pay television industry revenue?
  • What investments are required to grow a segment licensing business beyond its current size?
  • Was a reality TV show “scripted” or “unscripted” under the terms of an output agreement?
  • Did an operator’s decision to change the packages in which a TV channel was offered have a negative financial impact on the channel?
  • Was the business plan for an Eastern European television station reasonable?
  • How do cable and satellite operators determine the value of different TV channels for their platforms?
  • Could the launch of a proposed international satellite platform have been successful?
  • Did a major theatrical film receive a reasonable broadcast license fee?
  • How important was a program to the bottom line profitability of a TV network?
  • Did an international distributor do an adequate job of selling a television program internationally?

Due Diligence

Cole Media reviews the operations and business plans of potential acquisitions or investment opportunities. Based on this review, a recommendation is made on whether or not to make the investment, and also on how to integrate the new business into the company’s existing operations on a go-forward basis.