Who We Are

Lauren Cole

Lauren is President of Cole Media, a boutique consulting firm that helps clients launch, evaluate, and grow media-related businesses. Her projects and knowledge base span a broad range of emerging and traditional media sectors, including OTT services and vMPVDs, digital content platforms and distribution in a variety of business models (SVOD, AVOD, TVOD), television networks (cable, broadcast, multicast), film and television production and distribution, emerging media (VR/AR, blockchain, 5G), international media, and more.


Wendy Bernfeld

Wendy Bernfeld, (@wbernfeld), founder and MD of Rights Stuff, is a passionate film buff specialized in content acquisition, distribution,& related international strategy and deal advice, for traditional media (film, TV, Pay TV), digital  media (Internet, IPTV, VOD, mobile, OTT/connected devices, consumer electronics) and cross-platform/transmedia production and distribution.

Lynn Beveridge

Lynn Beveridge has been working in the media and entertainment industry for over 15 years with extensive experience on a worldwide basis. Beveridge currently provides consulting services to media and entertainment clients with an emphasis on business development, content strategy, programming sales and acquisitions.

Rob Cain

Robert Cain has worked for more than 20 years in Hollywood and the global entertainment industry, primarily as a production, finance, strategy and creative development expert.

Rosemary Churns

Rosemary Churns is a media and entertainment professional with over 25 years’ experience in worldwide digital and linear content acquisition, distribution, strategy and channel development. Rosemary is the founder of Media Consultants and currently provides consulting services to clients around the world.

Martha Eberts

Martha Eberts provides general management and development services to television and new media companies.

Jeff Hallstead

Jeff Hallstead is a marketing operations and product development consultant with 18 years of experience in media, data analytics and implementing digital TV measurement solutions for MVPDs.

Marietta Hurwitz

Marietta Hurwitz is a strategic executive with strength in business development, digital marketing, operations, content development and consumer experience acquired through senior positions at leading lifestyle brands.

Neil Kaplan

Neil is an expert in performance marketing and lead generation. He has spent the past 15 years running LA-based start ups and building profitable products around all online and offline media channels.

Lisa Kraynak

Lisa is the founder and President of Gro. Business Ventures, a consulting firm focused on helping small businesses grow and scale.

Elana Maggal

Elana Maggal is the founder and president of Elite Events Group, an international events management company specializing in the health and wellness industries.

Michael Radiloff

Michael is a senior marketing, distribution and acquisitions executive with 30 years’ experience in entertainment and packaged goods marketing for industry-leading companies, including The Weinstein Company, Warner Bros. Home Entertainment, Disney Interactive and Activision.

Seth Schachner

Seth is Managing Director of Strat Americas, a Los Angeles-based consultancy that provides strategic guidance and helps clients with media and technology partnerships.

Alyssa Padia Walles

Alyssa’s career in the video game industry includes re-launching the Atari brand, developing international distribution markets for Sony PlayStation and negotiating national sports league agreements for Backyard Sports. She currently manages Amplitude Consulting.